Calendar of DeepLearning & PDE Seminar

  Seminars of 2019

Deep Learning Seminar in Summer of 2019

  • Time: BJS 10: 00 am(EST 22: 00 pm)
  • Period: Each Monday, Wednesday and Friday of July
  • Topic: Alternative and flexible
  • Venue: Math Building 1493 or Online

Schedule of FIRST Week 

Date Speaker Recorder Topic
Jul 8 Liang Zhao Yuyan Chen Implicit regularization property of SGD method
Jul 10 Juncai He Jianhong Chen Convergence of backpropagation with momentum for network architectures with skip connections
Jul 12 Lin Li Lian Zhang Approximation properties of ReLU DNN

Schedule of SECOND Week 

Date Speaker Recorder Topic
Jul 15 Shaobo Liang Qian Zhang k-means
Jul 17 Li Jiang Pengfei Yin A Unified View of Multi-class SVM
Jul 19 Lian Zhang Juncai He Model Compression of CNN

 Seminars of 2019 Spring Term

Date Speaker Recorder Topic
Jan 30, 2019 Li Jiang Shaobo Liang Multiclass Support Vector Machine
Feb 20, 2019 Shaobo Liang Pengfei Yin Work complexity for Large-scale Learning
Feb 27, 2019 Qian Zhang Yuyan Chen Without-replacement sampling for SGD
Mar 11, 2019 Xuhao Diao Jianhong Chen LSTM
Mar 18, 2019 Juncai He Lin Li Nonlinear Approximation via Composition
Mar 25, 2019 Xiaodong Jia Liang Zhao Introduction to Training Neural Networks with PyTorch
Apr 08, 2019 Jianhong Chen Lian Zhang Diagnosing Pregnancy Based on Wrist Pulse Wave Using Convolutional Neural Network
Apr 15, 2019 Lian Zhang Xiaodong Jia A Review of Some Existing Network Pruning Algorithms
Apr 22, 2019 Chuanbin A PDE Model for Pulse Wave Modeling
Apr 29, 2019 Lin Li Juncai He Approximation Properties of ReLU DNN
May 6, 2019 Yuyan Chen Jing Liu Linear Data-feature Mapping in Different Grids from Classical CNN Models
May 19, 2019 Huang Huang Li Jiang A Neural Network Based on The Non-standard Wavelet Form
Jun 3, 2019 Jing Liu Pengfei Yin On The Convergence Rate of Training RNN
Jun 17, 2019 Pengfei Yin Shaobo Liang Generalization Bounds for Classification Problems

*Topics colored blue are having been completed, and those colored black are in preparation.

DeepLearning Seminars of 2018-2019 Autumn Term

We have successfully raised 9 seminars last semester. For your information, here are the specfic records.

Date Topic Speaker
Sep 12, 2018 Multigrid and CNN Juncai He
Sep 19, 2018 RDA Liang Zhao & Xiaodong Jia
Oct 10, 2018 Multigrid and CNN Juncai He
Oct 17, 2018 Degree of approximation for feedforward networks Chunyue Zheng
Oct 24, 2018 Spectral method Lin Li
Nov 28, 2018 Introduction of Supervised Learning-1 Pengfei Yin
Dec 05, 2018 Introduction of Supervised Learning-2 Pengfei Yin
Dec 12, 2018 Introduction of Supervised Learning-3 Pengfei Yin
Jan 16, 2019 Introduction of Supervised Learning-4 Pengfei Yin


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