List of Minisymposiums

  1. MS01. New trends in domain decomposition methods
  2. MS02. Application-driven preconditioning
  3. MS03. Multigrid methods for multiscale problems
  4. MS04. Multi-scale and multi-physics modeling and simulations in scientific and engineering computing
  5. MS05. Algorithms for multiphysics models
  6. MS06. Multilevel algorithms for eigenvalue problems
  7. MS07. Parallel multigrid methods
  8. MS08. Advances in numerical methods on polytopal meshes and solvers
  9. MS09. Mathematical modeling of practical problems, numerical methods, and efficient preconditioners for solving discrete problems
  10. MS10. Two-grid method and its applications
  11. MS11. Domain decomposition methods for high performance computing
  12. MS12. Recent achievements on numerical algorithms and performance optimization for large-scale scientific and engineering computing
  13. MS13. Geometric numerical methods for fluids and electromagnetic fields
  14. MS14. Multiscale, multiphysics, and interface problems and related fields
  15. MS15. Design of efficient and higher order numerical methods for PDE
  16. MS16. Multi-grid and modelling
  17. MS17. Advances in multilevel methods: from PDEs to data intensive studies
  18. MS18. Machine learning and high performance computing
  19. MS19. Multigrid and machine learning
  20. MS20. Non-standard multilevel and domain-decomposition approaches
  21. MS21. Fast algorithms for complex and large-scale problems


IMG2019, Aug 11--16, 2019

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Conference Venue: Howard Johnson, Kunming


Important Dates

MS Proposal Deadline

May 31, 2019


Early Registration Deadline

June 20, 2019


Conference Date

August 11-16, 2019


Conference Paper Submission

Oct 31, 2019

Submit at: CVS (use category “IMG 2019”)

Contact Us

For further information of the Conference, please contact the secretary of IMG2019.